As a wordpress addicted, I’m regularly following a few websites to stay uptodate with the latest development news, new how-to’s and to get new inspirations. With this post I want to share the sites I follow, I hope this might be useful for someone to get inspired. Some of the sites are wordpress-only related, some cover many other website design & coding topics as well. The sites are in no particular order, so be sure to read through the whole article to not miss one of this great resources.


A great source for code snippets, plugin suggestions and theme development information. The information on the site are presented in a very clean mode, and the ideas are really useful

Cats who Code


Great source of inspiration and code examples.

WordPress Codex


The Codex is the basis for every wordpress research. I sometimes call it the “php manual” for wordpress, every function is very well documented and a great ressource for developer.

For the lose


Not onlytutorials for wordpress, but for graphic desgin as well. Some great tutorials which are very well explained.

WordPress TV

Some great wordpress screencasts, from theme development to “how to use the 123 plugin”. Definitely worth to checkout if you are a beginner and diving into wordpress.

Wp Beginner


Great ressources, good tutorials, a site which I found only recently. Definitely a great bookmark!



WPCandy offer great tutorials for some “uncommon” wordpress uses, such as using it as a CMS, a freelancing platform and so on. One of the most popular wordpress sites.



Similar to Wprecipes, they offer some great tutorials.