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ZooomrRSS-plugin updated

After some days, it seems that the guys over at have fixed there problems with the rss feed. I updated my zooomrRSS plugin, so now it works again. If you’re using it already, you only have to overwrite the existing file and do not need the change the configuration. If this is the first […]


Problems with the zooomr RSS feed

As someone wrote me today, my zooomrRSS plugin is not working anymore. I did a quick check, and noticed that the guys over at did some changes to the feed and is not displaying any item anymore. I adapted the plugin, as soon as they fix the problems with the feed I’ll update the […]


my zooomrRSS plugin – a first release

What is this plugin all about? This plugin allows you to show your most recent photos published on zooomr or to show the most recent public photos on zooomr. This plugin is base on flickrRSS, but as zooomr doesn’t support all features of the flickr RSS feed, there are a few limitations. Full cache support […]