Recently I received a Nokia E66 company mobile phone. I never had a Nokia mobile phone before, and I have to admit that it is a relly truly amazing phone. One of the great things about it is the built-in GPS, and with a variety of GPS tracking software available I use it now as a sort of personal-fitness trainer.
One thing that is really annoying is the branding of the Nokia firmware by Vodafone Italy. Often I get to click wrong on the internet button, and everytime it opens a connection over UMTS even though I don’t want to and I keep getting charged. As I was browsing the web for disabling the Vodafone APNs, I found a pretty easy way to get rid of the olf firmware and to install an original Nokia, no-brand firmware.

Here is how I did it, I hope it might help someone of you:

  1. You need to get the following software:
  2. Product code of Nokia E66 (look for it on the web, if you are located in Europe the following is fine for you): 0552844
  3. Install Nokia PC Suite
  4. Install Nemsis Service Suite, choose “Virtual USB Device” during setup
  5. Connect your mobile phone to the pc using the original Nokia cable, start Nemsis Service Suite and click in the top right corner on “Scan
  6. Details for your phone will be displayed:
  7. Now you get to the important part. Click on “Phone Info”, then in the field “Product code” insert the code for your device (in my case 0552844as mentioned earlier):
    Make sure you have flagged also “Enable“, then click on “Write
  8. Now the product code is modified, so the phone is no longer branded as a Vodafone firmware model, but now it is a original, no-branded Nokia Version.
  9. Now you have to start up the Nokia Update Manager.
  10. Click on Start, you get to a second window which reminds you that you should have fully charged your mobile phone battery and that the phone memory shouldn’t be encrypted and that you should have done a backup:
  11. Click on “Next”, then you have to confirm that you are ready to start the upgrade process (in the image below, in my case it says the the firmware is already up-to-dtae, so I’m asked if I want to reinstall the latest firmware:
  12. Click “Reinstall”, after about 20 minutes you have a original, latest version firmware on your phone and can enjoy it.

Please remember: doing this, you might lose your warranty, so think twice before you do it. I’m not responsible for any damage which occures on your mobile phone during this operation. I’m happy to help you if you have question, just post your comment here.

P.S.: This instructione might work similar for any other Nokia mobile phone!

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