[SOLUTION] Problem with battery life and overheating after upgrading iPhone OS to version 3.0

After updating my iPhone Firmware from version 2.2.1 to version 3.0, I got big problems with the battery life and when I plugged in the charger the iphone became really hot and I thought it will melt away.
I was looking on google and found that I was not the only one to have this behavior since updating to OS 3.0. The problem for everyone seemed to be the same:

  • short battery life
  • iphone becomes very warm
  • it takes ages to charge the battery

The problem is the new (or changed) “Push” Mail setting. After switching this service off, restarting the iphone the problem was fixed. I hope this might be useful to someone having the same problem, drop a line if this fix worked for you as well.

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  • i hope this is the solution

  • i hadn’t heard of this yet, that is crazy, i would be very upset if my phone exploded because of this.

  • Yes, indeed. This suggestion was what is needed for my iphone. Thanks for sharing. Several of us were wondering if we had made a poor choice with the iphone until I saw this post. Very helpful. Dr. Ann

  • Hi, could you do me a favor and put the toysperiod url in the box for my previous comment. If I do it myself, Akismet trashes the comment. Thanks, Dr. Ann

  • Thank you! Worked like a charm!

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