15 best free stock photography sites

I often need photos for websites or other work, and I have quite a nice list of websites which I normally use first to find a decent image. All of them listed here offer free (no cost) stock images, so check them out if you need some photos. They are listed alphabetically, so it doesn’t mean the first entry is my preferred.


Some great photography (especially if you are looking for digital enhanced images) can be found on deviantart.com


This is actually just a search engine for other stock photography sites, but the results are very impressive!


Freepixels offers high quality stock photos.


You have to register to download images. Photos are all high quality, and if you decide to publish your photos on freerangestock you get a part of the ad revenue!


No registration, good photo quality, and a nice category system. Easy to find images what you are looking for.


Some really stunning insect images, not very much of them, but definitely worth a look.


Some really nice stock photos, but not very often updated.



As imagetemple, some really nice stock photos, but it seems not updated recently.



A sort of community, there is no need of registration for downloading photos, but if you want to upload them. Quiet good quality images.


A really interesting concept: Actually, they ask you which images you want, and then they start a sort of a contest asking people to upload images to the gallery. Definitely worth a look!


Often updated, some really really stunning photos, together with sxc my favourite free stock photo site.


Some good photos, but nearly one year ago since the last update.


A bautiful site, really stunning photos, a vibrant community, often updated. A great site.


A great place to find high quality stock photos, all photos are reviewed before published, to download photos in high quality you have to register for free. Probably my favourite.


On unprofound you search images by colour, some great photos, updated regullarly.

26 thoughts on “15 best free stock photography sites

  1. Thanks for this resource.

    As a designer I’m often looking for good quality images, and with the talent that’s out there on the internet it’s not always necessary to pay for them.

    But you saved me a lot of time by narrowing down the list of candidate sites.


  2. Interesting list, however I usually just run an image search on yahoo and find what I am looking for from there. While I’m sure you can get what you are looking for on the sites that you mention, I always find it easier just to use an image search.

  3. i usually use devian art , i think am gonna try the other ones , i think every one just love to get a free high quality photos .. for business

  4. Awesome! I was making what Sean Stephenson calls a “Visionboard” where you put up pictures of the main things you desire in life. Then you look at this board each day, and you keep it fresh on your mind which helps realizing your dreams 🙂

    These sites free stock photography sites will definitely help me!


  5. I agree with Andi. You’ve have a really fantastic taste when it comes to pictures. You know how to capture fantastic angles

  6. Deviantart has kind of gone down hill as much as I love it, the interface has gotten harder to use in my humble opinion but the worst part is the load times for me. :/ It’s just gotten pretty bad, but this is a great post so thanks for all the other links on here.

  7. Photography isn’t that really easy. Unless you can offer your heart on it. Angles in photography is very important cause every angle gives meaning to the whole picture.

  8. This is great! I normally use shutterstock and pay 200 euro’s to download 25 pics a day for 30 days. But sometimes I just need one particular photo and then these free sites might come in handy!

  9. I agree with the comments above by Tania Chew. As webmaster for my site, I often have to go searching for images that I can use and sometimes we don’t have a big budget for images.

    The resource that you’ve put here for us all to refer to is a great help.

    Thanks very much.

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