About me

Me & a huge fish

Floating on a small cloud above South Tyrol, I’ve often felt myself to be a bit off an oddball. Thankfully, at the age of 26 I’m coming to terms with myself, and am growing more comfortable in my own skin.

I’m Hans, and this would be my personal weblog. I’m currently working as a technical support employee for an italian IT company, and nothing brings a smile to my face quite like funny computers, funny people, and cooking. I dislike bad taste, lighting, and the fact that I can’t use chopsticks.



  • Drama: Closer
  • Action: Hero
  • Comedy: Bend it like Beckham
  • Thriller: Se7en
  • Western: Dead Men
  • Foreign: Whale Rider
  • Adventure: The Emperor and the Assasin
  • Music: Jeff Buckley – Live in Chicago
  • Japanese Movie: Bondi Tsunami
  • True Story: Hotel Rwanda
  • Bollywood: Fire

Music (favourite song):

  • Alternative: Coldplay (Yellow)
  • Rock: Jeff Buckley (Hallelujah)
  • Alternative/Rock: Stereophonics (Dakota)
  • TripHop: Massive Attack (Rising Son)
  • Dance: Ian Van Dahl (Castles in the sky)
  • Italian Pop: Zucchero (Cosi celeste)
  • Pop: Pete Murray (Better Days)
  • J-Pop: Ayumi Hamasaki (Secret – Until that Day.mp3)


  • Overall: Italian Cuisine
  • Asian Cuisine: Thai food
  • Italian Cuisine: Pasta with tuna, tomatoes, anchovies & cappers