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A few days ago I came across an amazing new site where you can get prmium themes for really low money. First I thought everything is a joke, but I monitored the site for a few days and saw that the guy over there keeps adding new themes so I thought I should check it out.
The sites name is “Elegant wordpress themes“, click here to get there. Different to other sites, you don’t have to pay for each theme, but you subscribe for a one year and all themes released you can use on your website. The price is ridicously low: 19.95US$. I suggest you to sign up early, because I think this guy will increase the price as he gets more and more subscription and so he might increase yearly subsription fee as well.
Just have a look to some of the themes he has released:

  • Bluesky:
  • Quadro
  • TidalForce
  • WhosWho
  • Wooden

4 thoughts on “Amazing new premium wordpress themes club

  1. Great implementation of “Who’s Who” Elegant WordPress theme!

    If you don’t mind I’ll include it in my Elegant WordPress Themes gallery I’m preparing…

    For any other blogs and sites using Elegant WP Themes:

    I will prepare a public gallery of sites and blogs using Elegant WordPress Themes soon.

    Just leave a comment on my blog with a link to your site using Elegant WP themes and I’ll include it in the gallery. Later on I would love to interview the author of Elegant WordPress Themes and authors of the best ones on my blog.

    Enjoy Elegant WordPress Themes!

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