An amazing new search engine

I was surfing on today, when I found an amazing new search engine. It’s totally different from what you know, a kind of “human to computer to human search engine”. It’s definitely not designed for the everyday use, but a great fun to play around with.
The site is called “Ms. Dewey”, and here is the link: The site takes the first time really long to load, but it’s really worth watching it.
Try  to search for “strip”, if you’re lucky she might do it for you 😉
My favourite search engine (after google) 🙂

One thought on “An amazing new search engine

  1. Hey,

    Just wanted to let you know you sold me on the search engine and I went to check it out, only to discover that it redirected me to a completely different site.

    That site was not a search engine at all. Do you know where it might have moved?

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