First open source phone released

Openmoko announced today the launch of the first phone based on the open source environment “openmoko”. The phone has a bit of a “iphone” look, has a very appealing design and the price is quite competitive. There are 2 versions of this phone: a basic package for 300 US$, where you get the phone, a 512MB Micro SD card, a stylus, a battery and a pouch, while the advanced version, on the market for 450 US$ gives you all the things the basic version has, plus a second Micro SD card, a second battery and a lot of stuff to “mod” your phone.
The phone is GSM only, has an integrated GPS-chip, but lacks of an integrated WiFi module, which will be integrated in a future version which is planned for this autumn. The phone has a bright 640x480px display, usable with the stylus or your fingers.

Here a few pictures:

screen 1

I really like the design, but for the lack of connectivity I think I will keep my Blackberry for a while and wait for the second Openmoko series which is due in late autumn, hoping that they’ll integrate WiFi and UMTS

One thought on “First open source phone released

  1. interesting looking phone, and I agree wifi is like a standard now for mobile phones, it is not just about mobility but connectivity… aside from the fact that you can be reached via phonecall

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