my zooomrRSS plugin – a first release

What is this plugin all about?

This plugin allows you to show your most recent photos published on zooomr or to show the most recent public photos on zooomr. This plugin is base on flickrRSS, but as zooomr doesn’t support all features of the flickr RSS feed, there are a few limitations. Full cache support is enabled in this release as well.

Download the plugin by clicking here


1. Download the plugin first

2. Unzip the downloaded file and upload zooomr_RSS.php to your wordpress plugin directory.

3. Go to your Administration panel and activate the plugin.

4. Configure the settings via the Options->zooomr_RSS panel.

5. Put <?php get_zooomr_RSS(); ?> where you want to have the images displayed.

6. If you’re using a widgets enabled theme, then just use the zooomr_RSS widget and you’re done!


1. Is there a way to get random images from the script?

No, the zooomrRSS feed only gives you your last 20 photos.

2. I’ve seen I can get images with certain tags with flickrRSS from flickr? Why don’t you support this?

It’s a limitation of zooomr, sorry. You can’t select directly by tag, but you can do it by making a workaround from the feed. This will be integrated in a future version.

3. What’s my zooomr id?
Your zooomr id is the part after “”, so in case after you log in your photo site appears on “”, then your zooomr id is “10131@Z01”.

4. Can I get support somewhere?

Yes, use this post to ask your questions, I’ll try to help you.


There are a few parameters which you can pass to the function call:

1. $num_items – how many photos you want to appear

2. $type – specify user or public

3. $imagesize – specify square, thumbnail, medium or large

4. $before_image – html appearing before each photo

5. $after_image – html appearing after each photo

6. $userid – specify a userid

Example 1:

<?php get_zooomr_RSS(10, "user", "", "medium", "", "hmorandell"); ?>

This would show the 10 most recent photos of the user hmorandell as a thumbnail.

Example 2:

<?php get_zooomr_RSS(5, "public", "", "", "<li>", "</li>"); ?>

This would show the 5 most recent medium sized public photos , wrapped in list tags.

Feedback & Support :

Please feel free to post here your feedback and also your questions if you need help.

21 thoughts on “my zooomrRSS plugin – a first release

  1. Hello, thought I’d let you know that I downloaded the plugin, gave it a try on my test site and everything works great. I haven’t tested it extensively but it’s doing the job so far. Thanks for the work on this. I’ve been looking for a Zooomr alternative to the flickr plugin. Much appreciated.

  2. Hi
    I want to try out this plugin but I am slightly confused by your instructions!
    At one place you say include the function call get_zooomr_RSS();
    And in another place you say use get_zooomrRSS(…)
    Which is the correct function? I think you should correct your documentation 😉

  3. Sorry for a second comment, but maybe you should also include instruction on how to determine the user id in Zooomr

  4. thanks mate. I fixed it. I will release a new version soon, which will support also the zooomr tag features. I hope that zooomr gives an open api access soon, so that we can develop gallery and some more stuff based on zooomr. ciao

  5. I was going to add this to my blog after trying it out the other day, but when I went to use it yesterday it appeared to have stopped working. I had just upgraded to 2.2.2, but it could be something on Zooomr’s end. I notice it doesn’t work here either on your site now.

    Any ideas?

  6. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing this plugin.

    I have just a little problem. I have installed the plugin, active it, set the ID, amend my sidebar… but nothing is displayed.

    I am using WordPress 2.5.1 !

    Please advice.

    Best regards,


  7. Hello.

    using the php code you have written above, how would i display 4 square size photos, in 2 columns, without the user id text.. just the photos in display.

  8. God I am always in awe of you guys that release these plugins to the WP community for free, thanks for the effort that it takes.

    I love WP !

  9. It is great to know that so many people supporting WordPress and developing many free available pluggin similar to oscommerce.

    I recon the WordPress bloggig will become more and more popular with the support and contribution from everyone like in open source.

  10. However, he has tried to use it and because I have flickrRSS loaded, I try to activate, to a fatal error that the application has the same name. Perhaps, I realized it should do, but you want a message, but try to use both

  11. It looks like a very promising project, good luck with your work and keep us all informed on its progress and how its use has benefited small community groups.

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