Nice alternative to Picasa

I was browsing the web, looking for some iphone stuff, when I came across a website which offers a image managing program similar to Google Picasa and ACDSee.
The clue of this program is that you can browseyour image collection like you can do it on your iphone:


The program has a lot more features, just to mention some of theme:

  • Image Management
  • Image Library Management
  • EXIF Editor
  • Liquid Zoom (yes, another feature you might now from your iphone)
  • 3D Image Carousel
  • Image Rating
  • Slideshows
  • …….

And best of all, you get this program completely free of charge! Here you can grab your download:


7 thoughts on “Nice alternative to Picasa

  1. When you say “Image Management”, is cropping and alternating the size of the pictures included in that?

    Always seems to have problems finding good free programs where this is possible, and I´m hoping your suggestion helps.

    Thx a bunch.

  2. Great suggestion. Recently Google is up to playing games with my accounts. They wand more personal information like my phone numbers etc firtst because I entered my “password wrong” and then “because they noticed unusual activity”. Both incorrect.

    I am looking to bale out of these accounts sto protect my privacy!

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