First open source phone released

Openmoko announced today the launch of the first phone based on the open source environment “openmoko”. The phone has a bit of a “iphone” look, has a very appealing design and the price is quite competitive. There are 2 versions of this phone: a basic package for 300 US$, where you get the phone, a […]

An amazing new search engine

I was surfing on today, when I found an amazing new search engine. It’s totally different from what you know, a kind of “human to computer to human search engine”. It’s definitely not designed for the everyday use, but a great fun to play around with. The site is called “Ms. Dewey”, and here […]

My photoblog is on the way

As I wrote a few weeks ago, I want to create a photoblog to publish some of my best photos. The first question was about what script to use. After loads of testing, I decided to give cheesecake a chance. The guys over there have released a new version of this fantastic photoblog script a […]

My new mobile phone

I received my new phone a couple of days ago frome Hong Kong. It’s a Pantech PG 6200. I bought it on Ebay, it’s a wicked phone, with a integrated 2 mp camera, mp3 player, but best of all, it has a fingerprint recognition system. This is the first phone with biometric identification system. I […]