Pictomio – just wicked and a lot better then Picasa

A few weeks ago I applied to be a beta tester of the new Pictomio PictioGeo Addon and software. Luckily, I was chosen and after paying 50 Euros a few days later I received a package containing a Bluetooth GPS tracker and a license Key to enable the Pictomio PictoGeo Addon.

I have to admit that until now I was not able to test the Geo Logger, as my camera broke recently and so I had to buy a new camera (Canon EOS 1000d). So I hope I get this camera asap to get my hands on the PictoGeo as well.
In the meantime, I have sorted all my pictures (especially the one from my travels in Australia) and used some really wicked features of Pictomio. Here are some really great things I love about this software:

  • Ability to add EXIF geo position to a photo using either GoogleMaps or Microsoft Earth
  • Ability to upload photos to different photo sharing sites, including flickr, facebook, picasaweb, locr, photobucket
  • Image rating
  • Automatically rotation of images according to EXIF data
  • EXIF data editing (if you really need this…)
  • Ability to view photos on Google Maps or Microsoft Earth and if using PictoGeo ability to view an entire trip
  • Carousel image view
  • Image tagging

So, that’s it for the moment. As soon as I get to use the GeoLogger, I will post an update.
Here a screenshot of the Pictomio Software window:

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