Please! Can somebody translate this?

This time I’m in serious trouble… No, I’m joking, but when I met Yumi now nearly 2 years ago, I saw her tatoo right obver her bum, and she explained me what this japanese (or are they chinese) characters mean but I can’t remember. Have a look here: 26826731_5bd7c7f4e2_o Hosted on Zooomr Can somebody understand […]


Hi, after writing about zooomr, I completely forgot to tell you, that oone of my photos was featured on their blog. I’m really proud of that. This is the photo, not bad, isn’t it? A sunset at Ayers Rock (Uluru), in the red heart of Australia. Uluru – Sunrise & Climb 004 Hosted on Zooomr […]

My zooomr review

Well, before starting I’ve to say how I started using zooomr. I had a flickr pro account, was quite happy, but didn’t understand why I had to pay 25 US$ for a service which is fairly slow, sometimes buggy and not always easy to use. After my pro account expired, I found out, that of […]