First open source phone released

Openmoko announced today the launch of the first phone based on the open source environment “openmoko”. The phone has a bit of a “iphone” look, has a very appealing design and the price is quite competitive. There are 2 versions of this phone: a basic package for 300 US$, where you get the phone, a […]

An amazing new search engine

I was surfing on today, when I found an amazing new search engine. It’s totally different from what you know, a kind of “human to computer to human search engine”. It’s definitely not designed for the everyday use, but a great fun to play around with. The site is called “Ms. Dewey”, and here […]

My zooomr review

Well, before starting I’ve to say how I started using zooomr. I had a flickr pro account, was quite happy, but didn’t understand why I had to pay 25 US$ for a service which is fairly slow, sometimes buggy and not always easy to use. After my pro account expired, I found out, that of […]